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Helpful Sites for Parents with kids on "furlough"

I thought I'd pass along a couple of online resources for you and your kids while your on "home furlough!"

Answers In Genesis has some great stuff here

Lifeway Kids is here

Got Questions Kids is well worth checking out

Our kids are older now but we can imagine the challenge of keeping them busy.  So, here's my prayer for you with little ones at home:

"Father, thank you for each of our little ones and their parents.  Please use this as a time to enrich their relationship with family and, especially, with you.  Protect from excessive boredom and arguments.  Give parents patience and a special dose of joy.  May there be an abundance of laughter. Grant confidence in light of the anxiety all around.  Remind us adults that kids will look back and remember some of the least expected moments.  Be an extra help to single parent, foster and blended families.  Thank you for how precious every family regardless of shape or size are to you.  In Jesus name, Amen"

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