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ROOTED BUILDERS is a Jesus-centered, outward-focused community of students willing to serve and lead, for four-month length terms (Fall/Spring/Summer).

 Students will grow in their understanding that we are all-in community with Christ, with each other, and Cornerstone Bible Church. This opportunity is designed for followers of Jesus Christ, who have placed their trust in Him and are willing to be set-apart from their peers for the sake of the Gospel. Applications are available three times each year.

Study Group

Wednesday Weekly Meetings

Spiritual Leadership Training (4pm - 5pm)

Each week BUILDERS will gather to learn Biblical Leadership principles. They will also plan out the next months ROOTED study times and additional events. Those on BUILDERS will be responsible for being at each meeting and being at events they have chosen to create for students.

Wednesday Night ROOTED

Serving Others (5:45pm - 9:00pm)

Every Wednesday Night, BUILDERS will be responsible for set-up and clean-up. They will also be encouraged to be examples to follow amongst their peers. This means that they will not engage in inappropriate behavior or discussion. They will stand-up to peers wh0 do or say things that would be deemed inappropriate and unacceptable. They will also go out of their way to seek those who might be "left-out." The goal is to love others as Christ loved.

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Group Planting a Tree


Missions/Community/Relationship Building (8:30am - 2:30pm)

1 -2 Saturdays a month, BUILDERS will be engaged in a missional, community, or relationship building opportunity. Each month's opportunity will be unique. The purpose is to live out what we are teaching. Saturdays will include things such as: day mission trips, community serving, fundraising, building relationships via activity.


Oct. 14-17, 2021
Colorado Springs

Jan. 6-9, 2022
Kansas City

Cost: $300

Feb. 24-28, 2022

Cost: $450

May 15-28, 2022
Manitou Springs

Cost: $1800
Scholarships Available
16 yrs. and older

Cost: $1500

June 26 - July 3, 2022

Cost: $300

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